Why Choose HCL
  • Licensed Demolition Contractor in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia.
  • High aggregate bonding capacity and aggregate insurance coverage
  • Industry specific equipment to reclaim recyclable materials
  • OSHA and EPA Certified
  • Attention to Safety and Customer service
These are our two main concerns for every demolition project. We take every opportunity to keep everyone safe and keep all of Mother Nature’s materials from being discarded into a landfill.

HCL has shipped reclaimed wood, flooring, brick and metal all over the world. We supply a network of purchasers who take pride in reclaiming materials that were built to last.

Materials We Recycle


brick A mojority of the buildings we reclaim were built in the early to middle 1900's. The brick from these buildings are highly sought after and can be reused for many purposes. We like the fact that they are not being dumped in a landfill but given new life as a new building . Our relationships with reclaimers allows our bricks to be shipped all over the world for reuse.


metal We make sure to recycle 100% of the metal that comes from all of our demolition projects. Recycling metal reduces the amount of raw material that it takes to make new metal products. Therefore, reducing the mining of minerals and preserving land.

We use hydrolic shears that are attached to our excavators to remove the metal from the buildings. This saves us time and uses less energy than cutting them with gas torches.


wood Through our 30 years experience we have reclaimed and recycled just about every type of wood possible. A majority of our jobs contain old tongue and groove flooring, hand hewn beams, and rough cut lumber.

We hand remove most of these items and ship them to our distributors around the world.


concrete Some of our demolition jobs require us to remove the structure and the concrete floor and foundation.

We repurpose all the concrete slabs into crushed concrete that can replace aggregate in driveways. In some cases, it can be recycled back into concrete. Concrete with recycled aggregate requires fewer raw materials andleaves a smaller carbon footprint.